Business Review

Find out what the business you're considering is really like.

If you think you’ve found a potential business but would like an unbiased professional opinion to help you decide whether to move forward, then our business review service will provide you with the answers you need.

This service comprises:

  • Consultation: All buyers circumstances are unique and our first step is to listen and understand your personal and business goals. To do this we like to conduct a detailed consultation.
  • Review & Due Diligence: Having understood your requirements we’ll review your chosen business with an expert eye performing due diligence along the way, which will include: reviewing the financials; checking that you’ve asked and have answers to all the key questions surrounding the business, the property, the competition, the deal, the location, the lease or freehold and providing all necessary company checks if required.
  • Report and Recommend: Following our review we’ll issue you with an objective Buyers Report on the business, detailing our findings, highlighting any concerns and making recommendations for further action.

Our fees for this service start at £295 plus vat depending on the type and size of the business.

If you would like extra peace of mind we can view your chosen business first hand (please see our View and Review service for details).

Should you decide to proceed to purchase, we can also assist with negotiations and guide you through the sale. Working with a network of professionals we are confident we can secure you a better deal.

Please call us to discuss your plans, or use the contact form provided.