View & Review

We dig deeper, conducting detailed viewings on your behalf.

This comprehensive service provides buyers who may have already viewed a business with an all important professional and impartial second opinion. Giving buyers the confidence and information they need to make the decision to proceed, or to walk away from what could be a costly mistake.

Our View & Review service is also for buyers who have found a potential business but cannot, or do not have the time to view due to location or time restraints. If you've spotted something you like the look of we can view it on your behalf providing you with candid pictures, essential due diligence, local market insights and an objective report. Our aim, put simply is to provide you with a detailed overview of the business without the hassle, cost and inconvenience of doing it yourself.

This service comprises:

    • Consultation: All buyers circumstances are unique and our first step is to listen and understand your personal and business goals. To do this we like to conduct a detailed consultation.
    • View: With your brief in mind, we will view your chosen business with an expert eye speaking with the agents and owners. Being on location, we are able to get a true feel for the business, the premises, the owner and the vicinity.
    • Review & due diligence: We’ll review your chosen business against your criteria performing due diligence along the way, which will include: reviewing the financials; checking that we have answers to all the key questions surrounding the business, the property, the competition, the deal, the location, the lease or freehold and providing all necessary company checks if required.
    • Report and Recommend: Following our review we’ll issue you with an objective Buyers Report on the business, detailing our findings, highlighting any concerns and making recommendations for further action.
        Our fee for this service starts at £495 plus vat depending on the type and size of the business and its location.

Should you decide to proceed to purchase, we can also assist with negotiations and guide you through the sale. Working with a network of professionals we are confident we can secure you a better deal.

Please call us to discuss your plans, or use the contact form provided.